Announcement call Digital Infrastructure

Announcement call Digital Infrastructure

There has been a strong desire in the SSH field to assign part of the resources intended for the SSH Sector Plan of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) to a domain wide digital SSH plan. For this purpose, the SSH Council – which represents the SSH field – initiated the Platform for Digital Infrastructure for SSH (PDI-SSH). The platform is responsible for allocating resources to digital infrastructure facilities within the SSH domain, for coordinating digital infrastructures in the SSH domain and for strategy within that domain.

PDI-SSH will launch this call as part of the SSH Sector Plan.

Purpose of the call

The resources of the Ministry of OCW for the SSH Sector Plan are partly targeted at a domain-wide digital infrastructure. The main objective of the domain-wide plan for digital SSH is to strengthen research and infrastructure in the field of digitisation.

The following objectives have been established:

  • Increase and strengthen interdisciplinary SSH research into digitisation and the relevant social and scientific developments.
  • Strengthen digital infrastructure facilities and their management within the SSH.
  • Increase interdisciplinary collaboration between the social sciences and the humanities in the field of digitisation research and infrastructure.
  • Ensure continuity of current initiatives within the SSH in the field of digitisation research and infrastructure.
  • Increase the strategic capacity and strengthen the organisation of the SSH in the field of digitisation.
  • Attract and retain SSH research talents who possess interdisciplinary expertise in the field of digitisation.

Allocating resources to digital infrastructure facilities within the SSH domain can involve both strengthening or scaling up existing initiatives and launching new initiatives. The funds may be used for incidental and structural financing of digital infrastructure facilities serving both the social sciences and the humanities.

A detailed explanation of SSH and digitisation is given in the appendices (part A). See part B of the appendices for an overview of suggestions from the SSH field for new digital infrastructure facilities.

Conditions attached to digital infrastructure facilities

Regardless of whether they are concerned with strengthening existing initiatives or setting up new initiatives, PDI-SSH will consider the following conditions when assessing applications:

  • National interest: Initiatives must be accessible and relevant to multiple disciplines and universities.
  • Long term: Initiatives must be set up for the longer term. However, structural initiatives do not necessarily have to be involved.
  • Collaboration of SS and H: Preference is given to initiatives involving both the social sciences and the humanities.

Full call

We cannot yet estimate when the call for proposals will be published. To  be informed on publication of the call, please send an email to

The previously announced submission deadline of 31 October 2019 has been postponed until further notice.


Proposals must:

  • follow the template format;
  • use the VSNU salary grades for personnel costs;
  • be clear about the requested funds: €100,000 to €1 million;
  • explain how the infrastructure will be structurally embedded in the institution;
  • include a statement from the institution that it will guarantee continuation of the infrastructure and replacement of the principal researcher in the event of the unexpected departure of the main applicant.

Besides, the main applicant has to have an appointment at a Dutch university faculty within the SSH domain.


Contact the PDI-SSH secretariat via